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Government to cut jobs that have been vacant for 5 years

Government to cut jobs that have been vacant for 5 years

On January 16th, 2018, the Finance Ministry stated in their new memorandum that the government wants an audit of all jobs that have lain vacant over the past five years.

This is part of a big move on the government’s part, since they will be abolishing all of these vacant positions.

Since one of the government’s goals has been to tighten on their expenses, this appears to be another step in that direction.

A job in the Central government is still the goal for hundreds of thousands of Indians, and this move by the government may certainly cut down the opportunities for people to have one of these positions.

However, a report by the Press Trust of India (PTI) has said that this abolishment of vacant jobs may not actually affect the chances for most applicants to get a job.

An official from the Ministry of Home Affairs reported to the PTI that the memorandum by the Finance Ministry stated that all financial advisors and joint secretaries in every ministry and department must identify all of their posts which have been empty for five years, and then they must abolish them.

The Finance Ministry also directed these people to submit comprehensive reports to the government.

According to this official, there are thousands of job posts in the government that are lying open, and they have been empty for a long time.

This is surprising news, since there always appears to be thousands of people applying for government jobs, even jobs in the lowest positions.

Apparently, some ministries and departments have only provided partial information on their job vacancies, so the government’s big move is not going along entirely smoothly.

The abolishment of these jobs may make it more difficult for many people applying for jobs in the Central government, but, on the other hand, it may save the government’s expenses while having no effect on the opportunities of government job applicants.

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