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Food ATM in Kolkata

Food ATM in Kolkata

Hunger is a very miserable condition. Unfortunately, several Indians are still under this horrible condition.

Kolkata is a metro city. Yet, several people desperately need food there.

Noting the food chaos, four friends of Kolkata has come up with a new solution.

These four friends, Asif Ahmed, Prakash Nahata, Nirmal Bazaz and Rahul Agarwal want to install food ATMs to solve the hunger needs of destitute and underprivileged people.

As you know, a lot of food in hotels is going to waste while several hungry people are begging outside the hotels.

These four friends want to find a solution by bridging the gap between the two.

They educated the customers to pack the leftover food and donate to them. In such a way, they are collecting the leftover food. In addition to that, several people are voluntarily donating food to them after recognizing their services.

Even the restaurants left with a lot of food at the end of the day are donating food to them.

They bought a 320-litre refrigerator. It has a transparent door with leftover and fresh food to be taken by the people in need.

They call this food ATM. Children are very happy when they see the fridge stacked with food.

They happily share the food with their friends.

Asif’s team started with one food ATM. Now, they have three food ATMs in just nine months.

These three food ATMs are feeding 2,000 people each day.

Asif and his four friends spent ₹50,000 to start this initiative to buy the refrigerator.

Now, they have started this campaign to feed hungry people. They want many people to join the campaign to feed more.

If anybody wants to contribute, they can call +91-9830272344.

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