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This company gave water ATMs for 1800 villages

This company gave water ATMs for 1800 villages

ATMs are known for being helpful in times of money shortage, allowing people to withdraw money whenever they run out.

However, WaterHealth India (or WHIN) has now made it possible for there to be ATMs that can dispense water in times of water shortage, similar to a money ATM.

Water ATMs, also known as Water Vending Machines (or WVMs) are automated water purification systems which provide safe and cheap water access for those who cannot otherwise afford clean drinking water.

These Water ATMs have the potential to save millions of lives, and are ultimate proof of the benefits that science can have on people’s lives.

The WVMs have the ability to purify and dispense water, making it ideal for crowded areas such as train stations, schools, and bus depots.

It also has an inbuilt chiller, which can dispense old water during the blazing hot summer months.

Additionally, it has remote monitoring capabilities, which can send out automatic alerts for whenever the vending machine needs to be refilled.

In order to actually acquire the water, all one has to do is insert a coin in the machine. Unbottled water costs ₹5, a liter of bottled water costs ₹8, and 20 liters of water costs ₹10.

These Water ATMs have been a massive success, since most impoverished people previously could not afford to buy clean drinking water. Now, since these WVMs allow clean water to come at a much cheaper price, millions of lives can be saved.

In 36 districts, including 10 backwards districts, these ATMs have been immensely successful, now providing safe drinking water to over 6 million customers.

This company gave water ATMs for 1800 villages

This company gave water ATMs for 1800 villages

Additionally, these ATMs have the ability to provide jobs for thousands of unemployed people, since workers are needed to install, operate, and maintain these machines.

Overall, these WVMs are a massive improvement of the lives of the country’s impoverished people, and they will help improve the overall standard of living in India.

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