Indian Words added in Oxford Dictionary

Five Indian Words added in Oxford Dictionary

Five Indian Words added in Oxford Dictionary

Now, five Indian words are added in Oxford dictionary. Do you know what are they? Read the article to know about them.

‘Arre Yaar’, the colloquial Hindi word is used by a person when he/she is in anguish or frustration. There are other reasons too for the word to be used.

Bhelpuri is another word that occupied position in the Oxford dictionary. It is snack item which is a mixture of puffed rice, onions and tomatoes with a tangy lemon touch to it. Before serving, it is stirred.

Papad which is made with black gram flour is deep fried. It is served with rice which is a good combination with dal, rasam or sambar. Papad has different names in South India. The name of Papad is Happala in Kannada, Papadam in Kerala, Appalam in Tamil and Appadam in Telugu. It is called Papad in the rest of the country.

Keema, the sliced tiny pieces of all types of meat, but generally the meat of lamb. It is originated from Greek. It can be cooked by deep frying or stewing. It also can be used with Kebabs.

Dhaba is an eatery that has minimal settings where the local food is served. It is originated from Punjab. Yet, it is popular throughout the world and many restaurants are using this name.

Chudidar is a tight-fitting trouser wore by both men and women. The costume mainly appears in North India though it is now commonly seen in South India as well. Chudidar included the wardrobe of women and it substituted the sarees. They wear it using a Kameez on the top. Men wear it using a loose shirt on the top.

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