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The tradition of saris

The tradition of saris

In the past, saris were like the traditional uniform in the news channels. The women anchors were dressed unfailingly in saris and read the news in a professional manner. The liberalization in the world has brought a lot of change everywhere including news outlets. A new look for anchors has come forth: the suit.

In order to reach a more contemporary look for the flight attendants, Air India is no following the path chosen by news channels. The dress code of kurits, chudaars and trousers has been started. Even though sari will stay in fashion, it may not be the national carrier’s sole uniform.

Even though it can be seem like the sari is dying, the ministry of textiles have stated that the sari category has grown by 8.8 percent in value terms between 1998 and 2006. The sari market is at nearly Rs.54,000 crore value in India.

On social media, two friends, Ally Matthan and Anju Maudgal Kadam, have launched a #100SariPact to wear saris twice a week in a movement that has quickly won followers who are wearing and posting photos of themselves in six yards of splendour. Movements like this and the love of saris will make sure it might never go out of style.

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