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First carbon neutral town in Kerala

First carbon neutral town in Kerala

The biggest changes start from the smallest steps. The people of Meenangadi, a small town in Kerala are proof of that.

In June 2016, they dedicated themselves to become a town which is completely carbon neutral.

Their dedication bought them pretty close to their goal today. Being carbon neutral means that there will be no net carbon emissions from the town.

Using various programs and initiatives, the townspeople made their town much more eco-friendly.

It soon will be the first carbon neutral Panchayat in Kerala.

Their work and ambition has attracted many people from different backgrounds to help it reach its goal by 2020.

In just seven months, the town conducted a soil audit, plant population census, energy audit, and more.

People of the town also held campaigns to stop the usage of harmful substances like plastic bags.

Farming is also being done in organic methods.

They are now working to increase the forest cover.

There is also a concerted campaign against the use of plastic bags in the region. People cultivate organic vegetables and they will soon be expanding the forest cover.

Their aim is to completely nullify the carbon emissions by countering it with trees and etc by 2020.

The project was thought of by Finance Minister of Kerala, Thomas Isaac. He stated Meenangadi achieving carbon neutrality will improve the town many sectors from agriculture to life quality.

The produce from this town will be tagged carbon-neutral while selling it.

The minister says that there are plans to make the district of Wayanad the first carbon neutral district in the country.

According to the report from State Action Plan on Climate Change, Wayanad was one of the four districts which is termed climate change hotspot.

The report said that climate change there is in a dangerous route and it could increase the temperature of Kerala by two degrees Celsius if immediate action is not taken.

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