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India’s climate action plans at Paris Summit

India's climate action plans at Paris Summit

The Paris climate summit is one of the most hyped events. In this summit, India is planning to showcase the concept of harmony with nature. Under this, India plans to reduce carbon emissions. India will also be releasing an e-book which depicts how the country has been environmentally conscious since ages. The pavilion of India will be inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Paris climate summit which started on Monday, 30, November, 2015 will provide a chance for the world to discuss about dealing with the increasing environmental concerns. According to the Indian Environment Ministry officials, Modi will inaugurate the pavilion by turning on the water screen. It will display the message of “just climate action” on it.

India stated that the Paris climate change summit will bring about proper and just climate agreement between countries such that the developing countries like India would get the development space they need while the developed countries would vacate carbon space.

According to officials, the Indian pavilion will have an ‘ipad-forest’. Here, people can find information about India’s commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions along with the country’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) which it has submitted, expectations from the Paris Climate change summit, an India quiz and several other sections.

Indian pavilion will also showcase several films which show the various adaptive measures India has taken up. The officials said that there are around 40 films which depict information on adaptive measures. They will continuously run on the screen. There is also an E-book which will have eight chapters. It starts with how India has been environmentally conscious since ancient times and how the country worshiped nature like god. There are also chapters which talk about the Vedic age and influence of Buddhism and others. People can use the touch screens at the pavilion which provides information on India and its adaptive measures.

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