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Couple gets married on a bridge that connects two states

Couple gets married on a bridge that connects two states

As several states are implementing COVID-19 restrictions, it became difficult for citizens to travel between the states.

Some people are thinking differently to escape from these restrictions without violating rules in the sight of the law.

Marriage is one of the biggest and happiest occasions and the couple wants to celebrate the event among all their friends and relatives. However, due to the pandemic, many states imposed restrictions on the number of guests for a marriage.

In this context, a couple from Madurai got married on a plane. They booked the entire flight from Madurai to Bangalore and got married in the presence of their friends and relatives. When the news went viral, the DGCA initiated an action on the couple due to violation of COVID-19 restrictions. While a maximum of 50 guests is permitted for a marriage, the flight had 161 people.

Now, another incident took place on the border of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A couple got married on a bridge that connects Kerala and Tamil Nadu. It is the bridge across the river Chinnar that separates both states.

Kerala government made it mandatory to provide a COVID negative report for all visitors. At the same time, the Tamil Nadu government also made COVID testing mandatory for those arriving from Kerala and Maharashtra. The cost of the test is ₹2,600 per individual. In this context, the family members had to spend huge money to get the test done from both sides.

Hence, the couple, Unnikrishnan from Kerala and Thangamayil from Tamil Nadu, decided to marry on the bridge that connects both states, without violating COVID-19 restrictions.

Both bride and the groom produced the COVID negative certificate and stepped across the bridge. The marriage was conducted simply without a priest. While the groom was tying the knot with the bride, their families stood on either side to bless the couple.

The bridge became a great wedding spot for many couples. Several couples have been untied on this bridge since the prevalence of the pandemic.

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