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Coconut and Kerala

Coconut and Kerala

Visit Kerala and you will find vast stretches of lands of greenery with beautiful coconuts. Coconuts are a very integral part of the Kerala cuisine. Let us look at the importance of coconut and its oil in Kerala.

Coconut oil is employed in homes for dishes that cook varying products from the sophisticated ones like creating a meen pollichathu to the simple like an omlette to eat with puttu. Its high smoking purpose makes it ideal for deep frying parippu vada or banana chips for tea.

Coconut milk, which is also usually utilized in many alternative cuisines round the world, is a very important ingredient within the delicacies of Kerala. Once added to curries, it serves the role of adding flavour, creating delicate richness. It’s not shocking then that many of the foremost well-liked signature dishes from the region like fish moiley, or payasam have coconut milk giving it a silkier, nuanced touch. If you’ve got coconuts obtainable, extracting coconut milk may be a breeze. Grate the coconut, pulse it in a food processor till it reaches a mulch consistency. There are many recipes in Kerala based on coconut. So, you can understand its importance.

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