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Chanakya’s tips for successful marriage

Chanakya’s tips for successful marriage

Chanakya is known to be one of the wisest philosopher and teacher from India. His work has earned him worldwide fame. Here are Chanakya’s tips about what is needed for a successful marriage.

Look for more than just physical beauty

According to Chanakya, one must always look for more than physical beauty. While many look for outside beauty, Chanakya says that one must marry a person that is beautiful on the inside.

The importance of family

One must also look at the family of the person who one is going to marry. People who do not belong to good family must be avoided according to Chanakya.

Equal effort from both

Chanakya says that a successful marriage needs equal effort and love from both the man and woman. Having an unbalanced relationship would always lead to disaster. He says that both partners should always remain loyal to the significant other’s love and emotions.

The dynamic between man and woman

According to Chanakya, a woman must serve her husband well and at the same time, the man must never ill-treat her or take advantage of her. A man must always provide for what she needs.

The good wife and good husband

He says that a good wife would always be honest with her husband and bring peace and harmony in a family. At the same time, a good husband would never hurt his wife which could ruin the peace of the marriage.

Avoiding liars

Chanakya says that one must never marry a liar. A person who can lie easily to someone can also do so to their partner.

Avoid bad natured people

A beautiful person with a bad nature can always cause problems in the relationship. Hence, these kind of people should not be married.

Always faithful

Faithfulness is always important in a marriage according to Chanakya. Being dishonest with your partner can bring an end to the relationship fast.

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