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Bride rides horse to convey gender equality message

Bride rides horse to convey gender equality message

It is a common sight at Indian weddings that grooms ride horses during wedding processions. But, a Madhya Pradesh bride rode a horse during her wedding procession to the groom’s residence.

Deepa Valecha from Satna in Madhya Pradesh made headlines when she was seen riding a horse in her wedding procession.  All this was possible due to the support of her family.

Her family members celebrated her wedding event with great joy. When Deepa expressed her wish to ride a horse during wedding procession, they agreed to it very happily. They fulfilled her wish saying that daughters are equal to sons and there shouldn’t be any difference between both. They wanted to convey the message of gender equality through this gesture.

The bride is also happy about fulfilling her wish of riding a horse. She thanked her family members for as they had planned more than what she asked.

The wedding pictures and videos went viral on the social media and netizens applauded the bride’s family for the beautiful message they conveyed.

Earlier also similar incidents took place in the country. One such incident took place in Rajasthan. Neha Khichar from Nawalgarh in Rajasthan surprised guests when she visited the wedding venue by riding on a horse. Neha is an IIT graduate. Her family members supported her a lot and raised her equally with a son. Besides, they wanted to send a message that daughters should also be provided with equal opportunities like sons.

Neha wore a sherwani and pagdi like a groom while leaving for the wedding venue and won the hearts of guests.

In another incident, a Haryana bridge rode a horse during her wedding procession and surprised the villagers.

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