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BJP, now the largest political party in world

BJP, now the largest political party in world

Now, the ruling Indian government, BJP party has become the world’s largest party in the world after its enrolment drive in the past five months. The membership of the party has now grown to 8.80 crores.

Many sources have stated that the party has reached the 8.80 crore mark on Sunday. The party expects its membership to reach 10 crore mark by the end of this month. The party states that they have expected this number when they started the drive in November of last year.

Many sceptics state this number is no indicator of the party’s actual strength. Many state that the popularity of Modi has drawn this huge number. Party president Amit Shah will announce the ultimate figure at the national government to be held in Bangalore on Apr 3-4. The bold membership drive was Shah’s plan. Party members have stated that the option of enrolment through phone missed calls is a great improvement over the old practice. They say that this is one of the biggest reasons for the success of this enrolment drive. The phone numbers help the party to maintain a live contact with all the members and provide them with updates of any developments. The membership drive ended on March 31st 2015.

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