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Bill Gates gives opinions on India

Bill Gates gives opinions on India

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, once the richest man in the world, has recently been overtaken by Jeff Bezos, founder of the Amazon website. However, he still holds a massive philanthropic influence over the world today, and now, he is taking that influence to India.

Recently, he has been going through the articles in the Times of India and giving his thoughts on India’s recent progressions and current condition.

Overall, Gates has pronounced himself satisfied, to the great relief of the senior editors who showed him the articles. However, there were also some things in the articles that left him disappointed.

One thing that impressed Gates was the three-drug combination that is being used to treat elephantiasis. However, he expressed his greatest disappointment in the current state of India’s education system, saying that it should be far better than it is.

He expressed that he did not want to be critical, but he wanted to make higher expectations about the system. Although he said the Gates Foundation would not be going beyond health into education, since they cannot do everything, he expressed his gladness at India’s own philanthropists being very focused on the state of education in the country.

Additionally, he made several comments about India’s Swachh Bharat program, as he is known to take an active stance on sanitation. He says that the main component of his Swachh Bharat partnership with the government is the behavioral change, since that is the most important factor in introducing new policies and norms.

Additionally, he mentioned a new kind of toilet that will be coming out soon which will burn waste instead of flushing it, which will be much better for the environment.

Gates’s visit to India proves how much he cares about all the people in the world, and is willing to provide them with as much help as he can.

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