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Bengaluru hotel turns to charity home for cancer patients

Bengaluru hotel turns to charity home for cancer patients

The iconic Lakshmi Hotel in Bengaluru turned to a charity home for cancer patients.

Hotel Lakshmi in Gandhinagar, Bengaluru once hosted several legendary cine personalities including Rajkumar, Naganna, Venkatesh etc.

This 44-year-old mansion is a 33-room palace. Now, the hotel is dedicated to provide free accommodation for cancer patients.

The hotel was built in 1976 by R S Naidu and his wife Meera Srinivasalu. Meera explains that her husband acquired the land with his savings and built the hotel with huge difficulty and careful supervision.

He used to wake up early in the morning for the sand lorries and other material. He ensured that no material was wasted and put his efforts to keep the original form of the building.

The hotel ran very well and was a favourite of many movie stars. Naidu died in 2015 due to cardiac arrest. His wife Meera decided to donate the hotel building for a noble cause.

As the couple had no children, she decided to do something for them.

The building is located in a good area. Hence, many real estate people approached her. One business offered her ₹300 crores for the building. But, she discarded the offer.

She does not want the building to be demolished as it was built with their hard-earned money.

After a long discussion with her nephews, she decided to donate the building to cancer-affected children.

The decision was not taken overnight. Several families come to Bengaluru for cancer treatment.

They have to stay there for a couple of months. Since staying in Bengaluru is expensive, many families return to their homes without completing their treatment.

This building will help them a lot. The hotel has a community kitchen and kitchen equipment; so, families can cook their food. Provisions will also be arranged for them from donations.

Thus, the building is going to be refurbished to become a home to children suffering from cancer and their guardians.
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