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The bank that gives toys

The bank that gives toys

Giving toys to children is something that almost every parent wants to do. However, not everyone can afford toys to give to children.

Toys provide a lot of entertainment and happiness to children. They also stir imagination in children.

Toys help children get better at basic motor skills and even aid in learning language.

However, toys have an expiry date despite not being broken. Once a child grows bored of the toy, they usually discard it and they are forgotten.

It is interesting to note that a toy that one kid is bored of can be exactly what another kid might need. In fact, it could be a toy that the other child cannot even afford.

There are many underprivileged children in India who go through childhood without seeing a proper toy. This is the reason why Toy Bank, a Delhi based organization was launched.

This organization which is headed by Vidyun Goel has collection centers in many places in the country including Delhi, NCR, Bhopal and Mumbai.

These centers receive toys from all over India. These toys are inspected well before cleaning and repackaging the toys by age.

The toys are kept gender neutral and they are spread all over the country. Then these toys finally reach underprivileged kids.

Initially when the organization was started, Vidyun faced trouble in spreading the toys to rural areas. After reaching out to grass root organizations in rural areas, it became easier to co-ordinate.

Toy Bank sends toys from Delhi to the nearest railway station to the target location via trains. The smaller organizations then collect these toys and they handle the rest.

Toy Bank also conducts various initiatives like the School Connect Program, Anganwadi Connect Program, and the Rural Connect Program. Under the name of these initiatives, they are spreading toys to underprivileged children.
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