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She gives toys to underprivileged children

She gives toys to underprivileged children

Although it may seem incomplete to have a childhood without toys, there are countless children who experience just that: youth living in too poor conditions to have any proper playthings.

When Hirin Dave saw some impoverished children playing with a tire in the street, and realized that she could give some of her own daughter’s unused toys to them, she began the initiative Give Toy Give Joy, which reaches out to toy donors to give their collected toys out to slum kids.

She began her work on that first day with the poor children playing with the cycle tire, taking her daughter to them so they could give away some of her old toys.

Seeing how overjoyed they were at their gifts, she went on to approach others for their toys to donate as well.

So far, Dave has collected over 2,000 toys from about 300 families all across her home city of Ahmedabad, and after giving out a donated toy, she posts a picture on Facebook to the family who gave it so they can see where the toy ended up.

The toys even have an educational encouragement value, with Dave pushing the giving of mind-challenging toys such as board games and puzzles, some in particular being chess and Tangram, which urge kids to have a desire for further education.

She gives toys to underprivileged children

She gives toys to underprivileged children


Although she still plans to continue her freer distribution, Dave also plans to organize Give Toy Give Joy further.

She has an idea to open up a rental system for toys for any family that cannot afford buying new, expensive toys for their children.

This initiative, called Toy Tiger, will allow a rental for a minimum of fifteen days and will have toys recommended to children by a trained psychologist, and will help further the cause of the organization.

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