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Ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19 in Nellore

Ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19 in Nellore

Thousands of people have been visiting Krishnapatnam town in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, to get Ayurvedic medicine for COVID-19.

The medicine is known as Krishnapatnam medicine, which contains turmeric, neem, pepper, ginger, and giloy. It is in the form of balls or round drops to be taken by COVID-19 patients.

The medicine has been giving to COVID-19 patients by an Ayurveda practitioner, Anandaiah, free of cost.

Initially, MLA Kakani Govardhan Reddy of the YSR Congress Party, announced that the Ayurvedic medicine would be distributed from Friday. The news went viral on social media, and thousands of people from Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states have been visiting the area for the last few days. They believe in this medicine and want to use it.

Many of them call this medicine a ‘miraculous cure’ for COVID-19. They have been promoting it on social media. As a result, several others are visiting this place with the hope to get a cure.

Despite people waiting in queues for distribution, the authorities did not give clearance for it. As several people gathered outside the garden of Anandaiah where the distribution was supposed to happen, the Lokayukta intervened to prevent violation of COVID-19 protocols.

Meanwhile, a committee was established by the district authorities to evaluate the efficacy of the said medicine. The committee consists of AYUSH doctors and officials. As per reports, the committee found no adverse effects in people who took it.

The AP government decided to send ayurvedic medicine to the ICMR for a study. It also decided to send a team of health experts and Ayurveda doctors to study the formulation of the medicine and its efficacy.

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu asked Union Minister for Ayush and ICMR Director to examine the medicine and submit a report.

In this context, a team of experts from ICMR reached Nellore to evaluate the efficacy of the medicine.

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