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Awesome Mom and daughter duos

Awesome Mom and daughter duos

Mothers and daughters share a special bond, often through the warm comforts of home. However, their bond is not limited to a domestic relationship; rather, many duos have successful professional partnerships as well.

Here are some mother and daughter relationship duos that manage to find ways for both their personal and professional relationships to work well in the workplace.

One such relationship is Lillete Dubey and Ira Dubey. Lillete is an actress who found her way in theater, television, and movies, and Ira is following right behind her in her acting career, and they have worked together in six movie productions.

Ira speaks about her childhood, where she would always follow her mother around, and that continued into her pursuit of an acting career.

She had always admired her and still does to this day, particularly her love of working, her imaginative mind, and her balance between rebellion and discipline in how she raised her.

They have an easy time switching between professional and familial interaction as well. Lillete loves life and has a vivacious and positive personality that Ira dreams to have herself one day. Ira signs off by saying that no matter what, her mother is her best inspiration and love.

Dipali Goenka and Vanshika Goenka are another such relationship. When she was twenty-three years of age, Vanshika joined her mother in the Welspun office.

Not only are these two mother and daughter, they are also best friends. Vanshika, too, gives her mother critical feedback on her work, clothes, and dietary habits. In fact, because of their similar taste in food, they extremely enjoy road trips together, and their banter between each other when along them makes them feel more like sisters than mother and daughter.


Vanshika admires Dipali’s ability to balance and handle everything she has on her plate, from being a company CEO to being a mother to being an empowering mentor for all young girls.

Dipali in turn admires how much her daughter can help her through her more modern-working mind, helping them evolve as a company.

Vanshika ends by thanking her mother to help her pursue her dreams, believing in herself, and to stand up for what she believes in, hoping that she could at least be half of what her mother is.

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