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Unique gifts for women gave birth to girl child

Unique gifts for women gave birth to girl child

There is a man in Rajasthan who is bringing a unique gift to mothers who give birth to girls. As Rajasthan is a state with many female feticide cases, 65 year old Jitendra Kumar Jain is bringing a packet of ghee to the mothers who give birth to girl children.

He says that even though a kilo of ghee is not precious, it is a token of appreciation to the women who are giving birth to girl child who he calls priceless gems of the world. He says that with such skewed sex ratios, it is important to spread joy when new daughters are born.

Jitendra himself has three daughters. He has been following this tradition of giving one kilo packets of ghee for the past seven months. Every time a girl is born in Sumerpur’s Community Health Centre (CHC), he goes there and gifts them a packet of ghee.

If for some reason he is unable to go to CHC on a particular day, he will send someone from his family and make sure that the packet of ghee reaches the mother.

Jitendra’s family launched Pyari Bitiya Janam Uphaar Yojna on Raksha Bandhan day in 2015. After that day, they started distributing ghee and so far they have given to 158 mothers. They also give baby kits to the families to all newborn babies.

On most days, Jitendra is accompanied by his wife Santosh Devi, brother Subhash Chandra Agarwal, and his wife Asha Devi.

Jitendra’s efforts have not gone waste apparently. Sumerpur is one of the blocks in Pali district which actually saw a rise in the sex ratio at birth during the last one year. Kuldeep Singh Deora, Block Chief Medical Office says that they cut cakes in the ward if there are more than five to six girl children delivered in a day.

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