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Airport Standard Bus Station in Vadodara

Airport Standard Bus Station in Vadodara

AC rooms, lifts, escalators, multiplexes, shopping malls and many more are found here. What do you think it is? It is none other than Vadodara bus station which was inaugurated this year. People say that it is airport like bus station. The old bus terminal in Vadodara has been given a makeover by Cube Construction. The company will also build the Ahmedabad bus terminal. This bus terminal will have air conditioned waiting rooms, luggage trolleys, wheelchairs and cloak rooms like in railway stations which will safeguard the luggage of passengers. Passengers can also rent mattresses if they have a plan of staying overnight at the terminal.

The terminus will be called VedTranscubePlaza and will be spread over 240,000 square feet. The built up area of the terminal would be 1.8 times of that. The specialty of this bus terminal is that it is a five story building. The building will consist of the Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation Vadodara Central Bus terminal and will also consist of a commercial complex.

If the terminal is at full capacity, it will be holding 1,100 buses round the clock. The terminal would also consist of 20 base stations. By assuming that there will be 30 passengers in a bus, the terminal would see 33,000 passengers in a day. Furthermore, the commercial complex in the building is expecting to see 20,000 people every day.

The commercial complex of the building will consist of 400 retail shops. The average area of each shop would be 200 to 300 square feet. There will be a flea market, a food court with 22 outlets, and a seven screen multiplex run by Cinepolis India.

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