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Shops in this village have no shopkeepers to sell

A Village that has no shopkeepers to sell

Can you imagine the shops without the presence of shopkeepers? Are you wondering whether buyers would pay honestly for the items they procure?

But there is a practice in this village where items are sold without shopkeepers and buyers would pay for the things they buy.

The village is in India in Mizoram. The practice has been around the village of Seling near Aizawl for many years.

It is a longstanding tradition in many villages in Mizoram where honesty flourishes.

Shops without shopkeepers or Nghah lou dawr is a popular practice there. The local farmers set up bamboo tables and keep their harvest thereby displaying the price list.  They keep a plastic container for buyers to keep the money for things they procure.

They return to their regular work without waiting at the shops and rely on community and passersby with trust.

If the customers do not have the exact change to buy the products, they can also pick up the tender from the money box (container).

Their trust has never been broken by anyone so far. They never lost anything.

The farmers arrange an array of their harvest including fruits, vegetables, fish etc. every day and hang signboards with names of the items and their prices with charcoal or chalk.

They leave it for the buyers and go to their farm work. The passersby will buy and put the desired money into the money box.

Customers also keep the trust of the farmers and pay money for the procured things. They prefer to buy at these shops rather than from commercial chains.

Thus, farmers and customers are happy to support each other.

These shops help keep trust in humans and endure the honesty of the people.

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