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185 candidates contest in Nizamabad

185 candidates contest in Nizamabad

Nizamabad constituency in Telangana is witnessing a record fight with 185 candidates contesting in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

As there is a huge number of candidates contesting, the authorities initially had thought of using ballot papers for polling. However, the Election Commission of India has decided to use jumbo Electronic Voting Machines.

In this context, the EC directed the authorities to obtain an M-3 sized EVM for elections. It also has directed the Electronic Corporation of India Limited to supply 26,820 ballot units, 22,420 control units and 2,600 VVPATs for the elections.

Initially, 200 nominations were filed in the Nizamabad constituency. But, 11 nominations were rejected during scrutiny and 4 nominations were withdrawn by the candidates from the race. As a result, the number of contestants remains at 185.

Out of 185 candidates, 178 are farmers.

Currently, the Nizamabad constituency is represented by K Kavitha, daughter of Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao.

Other popular candidates in the race are Madhu Yashki Goud of the Congress and Dharmapuri Aravind of the BJP.

The main reason for so many candidates contesting from this constituency is the problems of farmers who cultivate turmeric and red jowar.

These farmers are unhappy at political parties for not focusing on their problems to solve them.

Hence, as many farmers as 1,000 want to file their nominations for the elections to show their protest and highlight their plight.

But, several of them pulled out and 178 farmers remained in the contest.

Earlier, the EC said that it is not possible to use the EVMs due to such a large number of candidates in the polling; hence, ballot papers would be used. But, now, it is decided to use jumbo Electronic Voting Machines in this constituency.

Each EVM can record only 16 names and each control unit can register the names of 64 candidates by recording the voting of four such EVMs connected together.

Image Credit:- Rizwanmahai / CC BY-SA

Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Nizamabad_Railway.jpg

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