Ban junk food from within 200m of schools: WCD

WCD panel says ban junk food from within 200m of schools

WCD panel says ban junk food from within 200m of schools

A recommendation by a government panel stated that junk food should be banned from school canteens and also from shops, restaurants or vendors within 200 meters of the school. WCD panel has submitted its report to the ministry of women and child development and stated that these food products should not to be sold to school children.

Furthermore, the committee made more suggestion about coming up with a proper definition of junk food. They suggested that all the food items that come under this definition should be banned in the school canteens. They recommended that vendors, restaurants and shops should not sell these foods during school timings in a vicinity of 200 meters around any school and to children in school uniforms.

Their further suggestion was that a list of desirable food items should be offered in the school canteen. WCD even recommended for labeling of pre-packaged food to clearly state unfit for infant/children/pregnant and lactating mothers or persons with specific ailments.

The members of the panel consist of representatives from various departments like Niti Ayog, health ministry, department of AYUSH, HRD ministry, Bureau of Indian Standards, FSSAI, National Institute of Public Cooperation & Child Development, and ICMR. It also consists of independent experts on nutrition and clinical psychology and behavioral science.

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