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Don’t do these things to avoid flight delays

Don’t Do These Things To Avoid Flight Delays

On Thursday, at the Indira Gandhi International Airport, hundreds of people’s baggage was misplaced.

Luckily, on Friday, the situation returned to normal.

The misplaced baggage was caused by the detection of a large amount of power banks in many flyers’ check-in luggage.

According to the Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), the baggage displacement was caused by a sudden spike in prohibited items in people’s luggage.

They said that the rate was about 30% higher than usual.

Other sources say that the baggage chaos was caused by a passenger on a Hyderabad-bound flight, who had belatedly remembered that he had left his power bank in his check-in luggage.

A spokesperson for DIAL said that there has been a sharp increase in passenger footfall, thanks to the onset of the holiday weekend.

This increase has, in turn, led to an increase in the level of dangerous goods in people’s check-in luggage, such as power banks and lighters.

DIAL also said that it will be using its website, standees, and airport screens to inform its passengers about prohibited items.

They will also advise them not to pack them in with their belongings.

The spokesperson said that they are working with the airline community to properly inform their passengers of the rules about dangerous goods.

According to the Dangerous Goods Regulations and the requirements of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), prohibited items are not allowed in people’s check-in baggage at any Indian airport.

This is to prevent any fires from breaking out.

Prohibited items include power banks, cigarette lighters, e-cigarettes, and even dried coconut shells.

Passengers don’t often know about these prohibited items, especially power banks. Often, they forget that they have left their power banks in their luggage.

The power banks get flagged during screening, which causes a delay.

DIAL wants to remind passengers about these prohibited items, both to prevent more delays and to keep the airlines safe.

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