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Vehicle Recall Portal for complaining about vehicle defects

Vehicle Recall Portal for complaining about vehicle defects

If a vehicle is found to be defective after purchase, then it will be a problem for owners. They have to follow the policies of manufacturers and remain at their mercy to solve the issues.

So far, it is a voluntary recall policy for vehicles. But now, the government has taken an initiative with which vehicle recall policy becomes mandatory.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has launched a Vehicle Recall Portal to register complaints about vehicle defects.

They can complain about vehicle defects within seven years of purchase. The ministry will then undertake checking and examination of the vehicle. If a recall policy is needed, then the government will announce it.

Now, any vehicle owner who finds defects in their vehicles can register a complaint on the Parivahan website. They can submit their grievances on the official portal.

Often you may feel that certain components or software are a threat to road safety. Some may damage the environment. So far, there is no proper channel as to whom it should be reported. With the launch of the new portal by the government, you can now complain about such things on the portal.

Earlier, MoRTH announced the update of the existing process of vehicle recalls in the country. It said that rules would be framed for vehicle manufacturers to follow in the recall process.

Before making the vehicle recall policy mandatory, the ministry framed rules, as specified earlier, to amend the Motor Vehicle Act. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is likely to monitor and examine the vehicle recall policy as per the report. It says that a centralized agency will look after the issues and help vehicle owners in finding out and rectifying the defects in vehicles through safety recalls.

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