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Vaccine can be deferred by 3 months after recovery

Vaccine can be deferred by 3 months after recovery

Following the recommendations of NEGVAC, the government issued new recommendations for COVID-19 vaccination. According to new recommendations, the vaccination for COVID-19 to be deferred by three months after the recovery from the disease.

Those who suffered from serious illness or required ICU care have to wait for 4-8 weeks to get the vaccine.

The existing protocol prohibited pregnant and lactating women from receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. But, from now, all lactating mothers are eligible to receive the vaccine after their delivery.

Anyone can donate blood after 14 days after receiving the vaccine. Those who tested positive have to wait till their recovery to donate the blood. They can donate blood 14 days after getting RT-PCR negative.

Meanwhile, the Bombay High Court asked the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) whether it could launch a door-to-door COVID-19 vaccination programme for people like elderly citizens and differently-abled who are unable to visit vaccine centres.

The HC said that it would grant permission to BMC to conduct a door-to-door vaccination programme if it is willing to do so even though the central government does not approve for the drive.

A division bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni said that the mass vaccination was essential to save citizens. As senior citizens and differently-abled people are troubling to get vaccines, a door-to-door vaccination programme will help them.

The court said it was difficult for senior citizens and disabled people to step out due to the exiting pandemic condition. Hence, the government should opt for a home-based vaccination drive. Earlier, the Bombay High Court asked the central government whether it could start a door-to-door vaccination drive. The government said that it was not possible for different reasons like lack of medical care at homes. However, the HC wanted to launch such a drive to save the lives of many people.

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