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US Institution sanctions loan for drinking water project

US Institution sanctions loan for drinking water project

In order to solve drinking water problems in India, an institution of the United States approved a loan of ₹80 crore to an Indian project.

This project is aimed to provide clean drinking water to below middle class and middle class people.

WaterHealth India Pvt Ltd. Is a subsidiary of Water Health International Inc. of California.

This institution agrees to help in the installation of 900 decentralised plants in India.

According to the US Embassy, these water plants sell clean water at an affordable price which is three to four times lower than bottled water to the people in India.

These water vending machines are aimed to be installed in public places like shopping malls, railway stations, bus stations etc.

The purified water is available in bottles ranging from 300 ml to 5 litres.

The consumers can either refill their own bottles or buy reusable bottles at these water vending machines.

The water project is also aimed to improve the health of people by improving access to clean water.

It reduces the burden of women who struggle to get clean water for their family members to drink and for their regular household works.

Sources state that more than 163 million people in the country do not have access to clean water.

As a result, children are falling prey to water borne diseases like diarrhoea.

Approximately 500 children under the age of five years die due to lack of clean water in the country.

The water problem also influences health of women as well.

Considering all these issues, the water vending machines are going to be installed by WaterHealth International.

The mission of the project does not just end with offering clean water to citizens, but also with creating over 1,300 jobs in the country.

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