US health groups urge Obama to promote Indian drugs

US health groups urge Obama to promote Indian drugs


Leading US health groups like AVAC, Oxfam America, amfAR, Health Global Access Project (GAP), TAG (Treatment Action Group) and others have urged Obama to support India in providing “high quality, low cost generic medicines essential for healthcare around the world”.

This urging occurred soon after the two nations had talks regarding the enhancement of engagement on IPR.

The joint statement of Obama and Modi has stated that the two countries have expressed interest in sharing information and best practices regarding IPR..


They have also reaffirmed commitment to stakeholders’ consultations on related policy matters.

There are also concerns that US is pressurizing India for liberal policies to favour pharma MNCs seeking patent protection for their products in India.

In the letter to Obama, civil society organizations have stated: “Instead of using your trip to promote the narrow interests of one segment of the pharmaceutical industry, we ask you to support the interests of people who need affordable medicines, whether they live in the US, in India, in Africa or elsewhere,”India is currently finalizing an IPR policy and a separate policy for pricing of patented medicines in the country.

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