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Unique idols of Goddess Durga

Unique idols of Goddess Durga

Navratri festival celebrations are going on in the country. It is quite common for organizers of pandals to keep unique and different idols.

Here are some unique idols kept at various places across the country:

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, an artist made the idol of Goddess Durga as the frontline warrior. Sculptor Jiten Paul depicted the idol of Goddess in a saree-clad doctor killing a coronavirus-shaped Mahishasura. The idol of the goddess holds a huge syringe to kill the demon. The four children of the goddess were also depicted as other essential frontline workers to fight COVID-19.

Barisha Club Durga Puja in Behala kept an idol imagining the goddess as a female migrant worker. Her four children Saraswati, Lakshmi, Kartik and Ganesh were depicted as toddlers. Sculptor Pallab Bhowmick from Krishnanagar made the idol while the concept was designed by Rintu Das. The idol is made of fibreglass and it took two months for the artist to make it.

In Assam, an idol sculptor made the idol of goddess using tablets and other medical products. Sanjib Basak from Dhubri, Assam made it with 30,000 expired capsules and syringes. It took two months for him to make the idol.

Chetan Raut, a mosaic artist from Mumbai created the idol of the goddess with 31,000 push pins. He used six different colours of push pins. It took 36 hours for him to create a 6-feet portrait of Maa Durga.

The Youth Association of Mohammad Ali Park replaced the idol of Mahishasura with Coronasura. Thus, the association expressed its wish for the coronavirus to be slain by the goddess. The park also kept the idols of common people, police and doctors in masks to create awareness among people on COVID-19.

Image Credit: Aditi Srivastav on Twitter

Image Reference: https://twitter.com/Adisri23/status/1318780847999180800

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