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Unique Digital ID to be mandatory for air travel

Unique Digital ID to be mandatory for air travel

Indian government is mulling to make it mandatory to provide digital unique identification details for all flight passengers while booking their tickets. Passengers cannot book air tickets if they do not provide such details in the coming days.

In order to facilitate paperless travel, the government proposed this option.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation Jayant Sinha yesterday stated that the government plans to announce digital unique identification necessary for booking air tickets.

Already, domestic air travelers are carrying a copy of their identity along with their air tickets while entering an airport as it is mandatory. International flight travelers carry passport with them and they have to show it at the airport.

The Minister added that now, they proposed to submit the details of a digital unique identification like Aadhaar, PAN and Passport Number for all air passengers. The government is also considering to add more unique IDs that are possible to cover more people.

A digital traveler working group is being established for that purposes and passengers can provide suggestions on implementing the proposed scheme.

The group will come out with a white paper within 30 days, after that comments and feedback from the passengers would be sought. Then the norms will be finalized.
The minister added the Aadhaar will not be made mandatory under the new initiative, however it would be one of options among the other proposed digital unique identities like PAN and passport.

This initiative wants to improve the experience of passengers, said the minister continuing that it is a pull experience but not a push experience. Those who want to carry their boarding passes can still have that option to do so.

According to the Minister, the Ministry is examining the proposals and will conduct wide consultations.

Their aim is to make sure the travelers improve their convenience and privacy and get complete traveler coverage.

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