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Delhiites can now buy tickets on WhatsApp for airport travel

Delhiites can now buy tickets on WhatsApp for airport travel

Delhi Metro has introduced a new WhatsApp-based ticketing service, allowing commuters on the Airport Line to conveniently travel using their smartphones.

With the system, passengers can receive a QR code-based ticket directly on WhatsApp, providing an easy and digital mode of ticketing.

The initiative was launched by DMRC Managing Director Vikas Kumar, accompanied by senior officials, at the Metro Bhawan.

This service aims to enhance the travel experience for commuters, particularly those travelling to and from the airport, by offering a seamless and efficient ticketing solution.

To access the service, commuters need to add the official WhatsApp number of DMRC (9650855800) to their contact list.

Through a dedicated WhatsApp chatbot, passengers can generate QR code-based tickets on their smartphones. It is available in both English and Hindi languages.

Each passenger can generate a maximum of six tickets for single or group journeys. These tickets will remain valid until the end of the business day.

However, passengers must exit the station within 65 minutes from the destination station or within 30 minutes from the time of entry at the source station.

The convenience of this new ticketing service is particularly beneficial for national and international travelers using the Airport Line.

They can now conveniently purchase and utilize their tickets through the WhatsApp chatbot. Thus, it eliminates the need for physical tickets or other cumbersome processes.

It not only simplifies the commuting experience but also improves efficiency and eliminates human intervention.

While credit or debit card transactions will incur a nominal convenience fee, UPI-based transactions will not have any additional charges.

It is important to note that ticket bookings cannot be made after business hours. Also, one must note that the service does not allow ticket cancellations. This WhatsApp-based ticketing service is part of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s ongoing efforts to introduce more transparent and user-friendly ticketing mechanisms.

As the Delhi Metro continues to prioritize innovation and customer satisfaction, initiatives like the WhatsApp-based ticketing service exemplify its commitment to embracing digital advancements.

With QR code-based tickets delivered directly on WhatsApp, passengers can enjoy a seamless and contactless ticketing experience.

The Delhi Metro remains at the forefront of innovation, making commuting more convenient and enjoyable for all.

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