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Two women enter Sabarimala temple

Two women enter Sabarimala temple

Two women below 50 entered the Sabarimala temple in Kerala at the early hours of Wednesday. They became the first to do so after the verdict of Supreme Court that allows the women of all ages.

The two women, Bindu and Kanaka Durga, both in their early 40s, claimed to have had the darshan of Lord Ayyappa at around 3:45 a.m.

A video on this became viral on social media. The two women dressed in all-black. They were escorted by the police in plainclothes.

These two women tried to enter the temple last week, but had been blocked by the protestors.

They said that they did not enter the shrine by climbing the 18 holy steps, but entered through the staff gate or VIP gate.

There were significant number of devotees in the temple; hence they could not spend much time.

The women also said that they did not face any opposition from the devotees.

It was not clear where they began their journey; yet, as per sources, they started their journey from Pamba after 1:00 a.m. on Tuesday to minimize the risk from protesters.

Bindu, 44, is a college lecturer and CPI (ML) activist. Kanaka Durga, 42, is a civil supplies employee.

The priests and devotees strongly believe that the ban on the entry of women between the ages of 10 and 50 should stay as Lord Ayyappa is celibate.

They use this reason to oppose the verdict of the Supreme Court and protest women in the menstrual age who try to enter the temple.

The family members and other supporters of the two women sought police protection to their homes against the possible protests and security threats to their lives. And the police protection has been provided.

The temple shut down for ‘purification’ ritual after the entry of women for one-and-a half hours before reopening to devotees.

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