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TTD Darshan Tickets at Post Offices

TTD Darshan Tickets at Post Offices

Now, the role of post offices in the country have changed beyond communication. They are going to serve as ATM centres, and facilities for devotees of Lord Balaji. In future they will offer many more services.

Now, the devotees of Lord Venkateswara can buy the special darshan tickets from post offices directly. Earlier, this facility was available to people of Telugu states only, which now extended to all citizens throughout the country.

The Chief Postmaster General unveiled this after launching the first India Post ATM in Hyderabad GPO in Telangana state. He stated that they had received permission from TTD on Tuesday to sell darshan tickets at all post offices throughout the country. He added that they will share the software to sell the tickets with all other states.

Earlier, all family members who want darshan should have to come to post office for booking tickets. But now, any single person from a family can come and book tickets for the entire family. He assured that they will use latest technologies to improve the quality of their services.

Thus, the facility helps to cope with the rush and avoid tedious efforts in buying special darshan tickets. As all post offices are given permission to sell the darshan tickets, devotees can get them easily and travel happily.

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