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Toll tax hike from today onwards

Toll tax hike from today onwards

Starting Monday, June 3, road toll taxes across India will see an increase of 3-5%. The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) revises toll charges annually to align with inflation.

However, the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections delayed this year’s adjustment. So, the revision of toll rates was put on hold during the elections. Now, with the elections concluded, the new rates will take effect from Monday.

As the election process is over in the country, the revision of toll rates will be effective from June 3, i.e. today.

This increase will impact nearly 1,100 toll plazas nationwide, including major routes like the Delhi-Meerut Expressway and Eastern Peripheral Expressway.

India has invested billions of dollars over the past decade to expand its national highways.

The country’s road network now spans approximately 146,000 kilometres, making it the second-largest globally.

Toll taxes are fees that vehicle drivers must pay to use certain interstate expressways, and national, and state highways under NHAI control. Notably, pedestrians and two-wheelers are exempt from these charges.

The annual rise in toll charges has faced criticism from opposition parties and motorists alike.

Critics argue that higher tolls increase transportation costs for essential commodities. They also claim that these charges will add financial burdens to commuters.

Despite these concerns, the NHAI maintains that the revisions are necessary to fund ongoing infrastructure development and maintenance.

This upcoming toll hike is part of a broader strategy to sustain and improve India’s extensive road network.

While the adjustment aims to keep pace with inflation, it reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining road quality and safety standards.

From June 3, drivers should prepare for higher toll charges across India’s highways. So, from today, all those travelling through these toll gates will have to pay an increased toll fee.

Although this may strain some budgets, the revenue generated supports the continued expansion and upkeep of the country’s crucial road infrastructure.

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