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Women Achievers on PM’s social media accounts

Stories of Women Achievers on PM Modi’s social media accounts

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi handed over his social media accounts to seven women achievers to share their stories. These women achievers have been selected from all walks of life.

Last Monday PM Modi said that he would sign off his social media accounts on International Women’s Day and give them to women who inspired citizens with their lives and work.

As promised he logged out of his social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and handed them over to seven select women achievers from across the country to share their motivational life journeys.

Before signing off, Modi saluted the spirit and accomplishments of ‘Nari Shakti’ saying that their aspirations motivate millions of people in the country.

Some women activists praised the decision of PM Modi that this was an amazing initiative to honour real women and not reel women. Yet, some others criticized it, saying that it was an attention-seeking move to divert the attention from issues prevailing in the country.

Out of these seven women achievers, Sneha Mohandoss is one. She is the founder of Food Bank India. She was the first to tweet from the Twitter handle of PM Modi.

She introduced herself and posted a video. She aims to eradicate hunger in the country. She feeds the people in need.

Malvika Iyer is another woman in the group. She is a bomb blast survivor. She lost both her hands and damaged her legs severely when she was 13 years old.

Arifa Jan is an entrepreneur aiming to revive Kashmir’s traditional Namda craft. She also told her story on the social media accounts of PM Modi.

Kalpana Ramesh is a water warrior. She works on managing water resources. Vijaya Pawar from Banjara community, rural Maharashtra works on promoting Gormati art.

Image Reference: twitter @narendramodi

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