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Soon you can’t play loud music on trains

Soon you can’t play loud music on trains

Many passengers listen to music during their train journey, and most of them do not use earphones. They ignore the fact that it will cause inconvenience to others. Also, if they receive any phone calls, they will answer them and talk loudly. But, you will not be able to do so on trains in future.

The Ministry of Railways decided to take action against those playing music or speaking loudly over the phone during their journey. Many passengers complained to railways on this issue several times. Hence, railways wants to take strict action against them.

It also issued guidelines for the passengers to be followed after 10 p.m. while travelling on trains. The train will staff will also be held responsible if they allow such actions of passengers that cause inconvenience to others.

The guidelines issued by the Railways are as follows:

  • Passengers will not be allowed to talk loudly over a phone or listen to music at a high volume that disturbs other passengers.
  • Also, passengers travelling in groups will not be able to talk or interact among themselves late at night, which causes disturbance to others.
  • All lights in the coach should be turned off except the night light.
  • If any passenger complains about this issue, the railways will take action.
  • The railways also issued guidelines to its staff like catering and maintenance workers, R.P.F. and electricians, to help railway passengers not troubled with any issue.
  • The railway staff will provide help to senior citizens, differently-abled people, and lone women passengers if needed.

As per sources, railways recently started focusing on public etiquette in trains on a pilot basis. It initiated a two-week drive for this.

As part of this initiative, railway staff and ticket-checkers will counsel the passengers who talk or play music loudly over their phones. They also advise them to use earphones while listening to music.

Many experts welcomed this move of the railways.

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