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Six months of Narendra Modi’s government

It has been six months since the start of Narendra Modi’s government. Many things have happened in the past six months. A look back at these six months shows several milestones. Let us take a look at some of them. Some of the major policies of Modi’s government has shown include controlling of oil prices, shift towards a more technological approach, and energy rationalization.

Things like Digital India, faster rollout on Aadhar, banking becoming inclusive to all through Jan Dhan Yojana and several others have showed positive output in the past six months. Swacch Bharat campaign and other initiatives to make a cleaner India certainly helped in improving hygiene and caused changes in society.

However, even though the reduced oil and commodity prices have made a smoother transition to a deregulated administered regime on energy and subsidy rationalization, this seems to ignore the fact of low equilibrium of sub 5% growth rate, increasing inflation, growth without jobs, and shows a complete disregard for manufacturing sector.

When it comes to the issue of black money, Modi has even set up a Special Investigation Team to bring back the $500bn dollar saved in foreign banks. However, this has run into problems when it came to the revealing of foreign bank account names to Supreme Court. It seems that even though the idea and motive behind bringing back black money is true, there are many litigations and complications that are seemingly hid behind the curtains. Only time will tell if the issue can be truly solved by the ambitious government of Narendra Modi.

There is also a chance that the government could run into deeper complications to achieve its targets. Perhaps, a better and clearer idea can be formed after one year of time.

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