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Significant Events in the 66th Republic Day of India

66th Republic Day

India is celebrating its 66th Republic Day on January 26, 2015. There are certain specials and significant events on this occasion. They are mentioned below:

  1. The US President Barack Obama is the first US President to be honoured as the chief guest at the Republic Day of India. He is the first US President to visit India twice while in office.
  2. The first march by women army, navy and air force personnel is observed at the 66th Republic Day. The first-ever women’s contingent is led by Captain Divya at the Republic Day Parade.
  3. A seven-security layer has been provided for the chief guest and US President Barack Obama.
  4. AWACS (Airborne Warning Control Systems) has been arranged for the first time in the Republic Day parade.
  5. 25 colourful tableaux signifying the cultural and linguistic diversity of India have been arranged. 16 of them belong to various states and union territories. And the remaining 9 were from different central ministries and departments.
  6. To prevent any aerial intrusion, anti-aircraft guns are put on standby.
  7. Flights will not be operated at the neighboring airports that connect to Delhi airport such as Agra, Jaipur and Lucknow during the function of R-Day ceremony.
  8. P-81 aircraft, the anti-submarine and the long-ranged advanced MiG-29K fighter plane that were recently acquired were displayed in the parade for the first time.

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