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Retired employees to be appointed by Government

Retired employees to be appointed by Government

Government is planning to appoint retired Central and State Government employees to accompany in departmental inquiries on offensive officials.

The designation of the specific post is Inquiry Officer for which the upper age limit is 70 years as on the date of April 1, of the year in which his/her empanelment takes place. The potential employees should be fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

They will be offered a honorarium ranging between Rs.20,000 to Rs.75,000 per case. Furthermore, transport allowance of Rs.40,000 and Rs.30,000 per case is also paid if no secretarial assistance is provided by the concerned department.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) established a draft policy on this. As per this draft, applications will be invited from the retired officers who are ready to conduct departmental inquiry by serving as an Inquiry Officer.

A panel of retired officers will be created to be appointed as Inquiry Officers to conduct departmental inquiry and the panel will be valid for a three-year period.

A committee would be established with three members of the corresponding cadre regulatory authority to empanel the retired officers. DoPT welcomed any suggestions or comments on this draft policy before approving it.

The retired officers who want to apply for Inquiry Officers should at least hold the rank of Deputy Secretary in Central government, and an equal rank cadre in the State government or PSU. In other words, persons who are below the rank of Deputy Secretary or equal rank will not be accepted for this post.

The officers who are appointed in this post should finish their inquiry and submit their report within 90 days since the date his/ her appointment has been made as the Inquiry Officer.

However, if beyond the specified time of 90 days is required, then the extension of time will be granted only by Disciplinary Authority. Thus, the DoPT intends to solve pending inquiry cases as soon as possible.

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