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Government approves War memorial and Museum

Government approves War memorial and Museum

Good news to armed forces! At last, they succeeded in getting approval for their long-winded demand and achieving War Memorial and Museum. Central government yesterday sanctioned a project of Rs.500 crore for constructing a National War Memorial and a National War Museum nearby India Gate. This is a great tribute for more than 22,500 soldiers who sacrificed their lives since independence to safeguard the country and protect national interests.

The project is estimated to be completed in five years. The approved project is an honour to the martyrs to remember them since there is no memorial for them so far. An official statement was released after the Cabinet meeting in this regard to redress the lasting demand of armed forces. A Steering Committee will be constituted and given authority to check the project and ensure that it will be completed within scheduled time- frame. The committee will be chaired by Defence Secretary and assisted by a dedicated project management team.

A management body will be established to maintain the National War Memorial and the museum after commissioning. As per the statement released, the establishment of a War Memorial and Museum is an appreciation to commemorate the brave soldiers that sacrificed their lives for the sake of country. Furthermore, the Memorial will boost patriotism in the minds of people who visit it and provide an opportunity to them to show gratitude towards the brave soldiers and martyrs.

The statement also said that this Museum will be a great place in capturing the touching moments of the war and carrying the dedications of the patriotic soldiers who died for the country. The government feels that the commitment shown by them is an ongoing work to build the nation. Thus, the visit to the Memorial would certainly inspire the people in dedicating themselves to the country with patriotism.

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