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Reopening of schools in different states

Reopening of schools in different states

Schools have been closed since March, 2020 due to COVID-19. Children are attending online classes and learning through other modes also like TV channels and YouTube videos. Though some state governments reopened schools for a few days after the nationwide lockdown after the first wave, they again shutdown due to the second wave.

As experts warned about the third wave of COVID-19, it is doubtful when schools would reopen. 

However, several states are planning to reopen schools now due to the decrease in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country. 

In this context, here are various things to know about the reopening of schools in different states.

In Bihar, the state government allowed educational institutions including colleges, universities, government training institutes, technical educational institutions, and schools up to class XI and XII,  will reopen with 50 per cent attendance. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar yesterday tweeted that about that. He also said that all staff including teachers and administrative workers and adults students will be given vaccines.

In Gujarat, the government is mulling to reopen classes for higher classes of students from class 9 to 12. Education Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama said that the decision will be like the last time. 

While the Madhya Pradesh government decided to reopen schools from July 1, it decided to continue with online classes for f now. The government wanted to decide on this matter after discussing with the Centre, other states, and experts. In Telangana, the government decided to resume classes for all students from KG to postgraduate from July1.

In Uttar Pradesh, schools reopened from July for administrative work. The UP government allowed teachers and non-teaching staff to schools but students are not allowed. As of now, they are allowed for online classes only.

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