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Ready-to-call SIM cards to foreign tourists

Ready-to-call SIM cards to foreign tourists

Now-a-days mobile phone is mandatory as it can do everything.

But the SIM, which is key to mobile phone, is not easy to get.

Especially when you are in foreign countries, the rules hinder one to get it due to security reasons.

Similar problems are faced by foreigners in India to get the SIM.

Hence they have trouble calling anywhere and depend on telephone booth which is very difficult to find.

In order to ease their problems, the Home Ministry is mulling to provide preloaded SIM cards at the major airports that are selected for this purpose.

Thus, it wants to solve their problems regarding SIM cards.

Under this program, foreign tourists from 161 countries will get ready-to-call SIM cards at airports soon. These SIM cards can be recharged according to the requirement of the tourists and will be operable as soon as they step out of the airport.

The card will also have maps and tourism booklets with emergency numbers.

Rajnath Singh, the home minister will launch this program this weekend as a New Year gift. The program will be initiated with the alliance of BSNL.

The program is intended to provide preloaded SIM cards to foreign tourists who arrive to India on e-Visa. They will be given to them at the immigration.

The program will be completed in a phased manner.

Initially it will be implemented in Delhi and later it will be extended to few other cities that are selected.

Vast discussions have been held among various ministry officials on security issues involved in this program.

These include the ministries of Home, Tourism, Telecom and Finance. It was decided to implement the program after proper consultation on these security concerns.

The documents will have already been checked thoroughly for e-visas so there will be no more checking requirement says the officials.

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