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Railways to install facial recognition cameras

Railways to install facial recognition cameras

Central Railways will install cameras with facial recognition technology. This technology will help identify criminals in crowded areas.

The cameras will also help find out missing people. This technology will be implemented on a pilot basis at Nashik, Manmad and Mumbai’s Ghatkopar railway stations.

They will be implemented at other places after the successful implementation of the pilot project.

Central Railway PRO Shivaji Suthar says that currently the system is on a survey and would be installed at select railways stations on a pilot basis.

The facial recognition technology will be installed in all the CCTV cameras at the railway station including platforms, bridges, and entry and exit points. It is very simple to use at the same time very useful.

The data of wanted criminal record will be fed in the system of railways at the control room. So, if any criminal is passing and caught by the CCTV cameras, an alert message will be sent to the main control room immediately. It helps monitor the actions of the person easily.

This technology also helps to manage the crowd. If the cameras identify a crowd at one place, an alert will be sent to the main office so that forces can be sent to control the crowd.

Ankur Puranik, a technology expert said that this system is already in use in many countries including the USA, UK, China and Singapore. It is beneficial as it gives results in milliseconds.

The data is stored in the system and if any person comes in front of the camera, then his presence is marked. It works accurately and as many as 80 features of the face are captured.

However, facial recognition technology with thermal screening will be more useful. This is because sometimes the criminals change their face or attire to cover their face to escape from their surroundings.

Image credit: Technology vector created by fullvector (Free for commercial use)

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