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Options before India to avenge Pulwama attack

Options before India to avenge Pulwama attack

The entire nation mourns for Indian martyrs in the Pulwama terror attack and wants to take revenge on enemies.

All political parties condemned the deadliest terror attack.

As the national elections are nearby, the central government is under heavy pressure to take revenge for a suicide attack on CRPF personnel from its supporters as well as opposition parties.

In addition to that, domestic pressure favouring a revenge is increasing from citizens all over the country.

Now, Modi’s government is in a tricky position. It has to take steps carefully considering the public opinion as well as country’s welfare.

PM Modi stated after the attack that free hand has been given to the security forces to act. He also said that terrorists and their supporting nations will have to pay a very heavy price for their acts.

Now what are the options before India to take revenge against the Pulwama terror attack?

Diplomatic isolation: India revoked the most favoured nation status to Pakistan. Customs duty on Pakistan imports increased to 200 percent. Several counties like Russia, France, and the US condemned the terrorist attack on soldiers. In this context, India is holding talks with various countries on banning the nations aid.

Military strikes: In 2016, Indian army carried out surgical strikes against the militant attack in Uri. In the same way, military can carry out strikes again. However, some others not favouring these strikes as it would not involve any surprise and the enemy would be well prepared.

Air strikes: To carry out accurate air strikes in Pakistan occupied Kashmir against the non-state actors is the most probable option. Majority of the officials are favouring this option due to minimal preparation required.

Limited conflicts: Other option is limited cross border strike to dismantle terror infrastructure.

Though the operations after a major attack would be very risky, most officials say that risk has to be taken to send a strong message to the enemy country.

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