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Operation Smile to rescue forced child beggars

Operation Smile to rescue forced child beggars

Operation Smile is launched by the Bengaluru police in order to save the children who are forcibly begging.

Earlier, two years ago it was revealed by an intelligence bureau alert, that children are not only forced into begging but are also the victims of human trafficking.

Each year ample number of children are transported into Bengaluru from Bihar and Rajasthan for the forcible begging. Bengaluru has agents all around it. A racket is running which is entrenched deeply.

Begging is main business on the streets. In this scenario, a drive is launched by the police to save the children from forcible begging.

The drive, Operation Smile has discovered many shocking truths. Majority of them were already known facts, but the shocking truth is that a nasty business is going on under begging.

The children and women are earning between Rs.300 and Rs.400 per day through street begging. The sad part that lies under this business is that infants are being stolen.

Or sometimes, the mothers themselves use them for quick bucks. Naturally a woman with a child draws much attention and she has more chances to get easy money in the form of begging.

The babies who are used for this purpose are given drug mixed milk in the morning. So, they will be sleeping throughout the day which helps the carrier to beg in a peaceful manner.

Image by Varun Kulkarni from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/kids-children-face-smile-childhood-2408614/

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