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No helmet, no fuel

No helmet, no fuel

Road accidents are increasing day by day. In most of death cases in accidents for two wheelers, the major reason remains lack of helmet.

Most of the bike riders are wearing helmet due to increased awareness on accidents, but still the number of bike riders who drive the vehicle without wearing a helmet is substantial.

Several measures are taken by the traffic police and government to prevent road accidents.

Earlier, in some states the ‘no helmet, no fuel’ rule was implemented or proposed.

Last year, Maharashtra state government initiated this rule and turned back due to opposition received from several quarters of the state.

But, now Uttara Pradesh government wants to implement ‘no helmet, no fuel’ to its bike riders.

Those who do not wear helmet cannot get fuel to their vehicles under this rule. The move was initiated in Lucknow to promote road safety.

A three-day trial was conducted in the area from May 18 to 20 to create awareness among the staff of the petrol umps on the initiative of the government.

Police gave the slogan for this move as ‘No Rule, No Fuel’.

The drive will continue for a week. After that, petrol pumps will be equipped with challan books which were issued by SI rank officer.

The staff at the petrol pumps is informed to educate people on wearing helmet without which they will not be allowed to refill their fuel tanks.

They were also asked to report the numbers of vehicles who visit their bunks to refill their fuel tanks or whenever they happened to see he bike riders without a helmet.

Lucknow Police is also preparing to launch a campaign on seat belts for a safe driving experience, in addition to the compulsory use of helmets.

The initiative was welcomed by some local people and staff at the petrol pumps.

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