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New Wedding Rules in Jammu and Kashmir

New Wedding Rules in Jammu and Kashmir

Normally, wedding parties involve huge feasting. Fat wedding are more common in these days especially rich and high middle class people prefer to conduct these weddings. Despite the wastage, they feel it as a prestige.

Guests feel grand if the number of items served are more in the wedding feast even though they are not able to taste all of the served items.

There is so much of food wastage in these get togethers and public gatherings like marriages, receptions, birthdays etc.

Majority of the regions in the country are following this trend. But, Kashmir government stepped forward to control wastage of food.

In order to reduce the food wastage, Jammu and Kashmir government issued various guidelines. All these rules will be effective from April 1 this year.

It is quite common in Kashmir for more than 20 dishes to be served in weddings. Most of the times, the food is wasted as most of the guests are not able to eat all of them.

The government says the main motive behind these measures is to stop wastage of food and resources.

As per the new rules of Jammu government, the number of guests invited by families should not exceed 500 for the marriage of daughters.

It is restricted to 400 for the marriage of the son. For other small gatherings like engagement of son or daughter, the number of guests should not be more than 100.

Nobody should not send dry fruits, sweet packets etc. to their guests, friends and relatives while sending invitation cards as it is banned.

In such gatherings the number of vegetarian and non-vegetarian items should be not more seven and only two stalls of sweets and fruits are permitted.

The government also banned the use of loudspeakers and firecrackers in all public or private gatherings and functions.

Jammu government anticipates the minimization of misuse of resources with these rules.

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