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Giveaway – Feeding the homeless

Giveaway – Feeding the homeless

Giveaway is a Chennai based startup with a cause. Asif, Nareshwar Sivanesan, and Fahd Khaleel Wallajah, the founders of this startup were looking for ways to manage waste food.

In the beginning, GiveAway was just a simple way to save wastage of food.

Today, it is a platform which connects donors with beneficiaries.

The idea to start such a startup came to them when they saw an old man going through trash for the sake of food.

Contrasting that scene was a family throwing away food which was still edible.

They decided that solving the problem of food wastage can help a lot of poor people.

They started by collecting extra and leftover food from several homes and parties like wedding receptions.

They also went to restaurants all over Chennai to get their waste food.

Their group goes to these places personally and collects the food.

Giveaway – Feeding the homeless

Giveaway – Feeding the homeless

The collected food is also hygienically packed and delivered to the beneficiaries.

The group grew quickly and soon they even took requests over WhatsApp. They grew big enough to help around five lakh people in just Chennai.

At present, the group feeds a minimum of 1,000 homeless people every day.

They faced a lot of challenge during the 2015 Chennai floods. It was hard for them to feed so many starving people at that time.

The number of people and families who were starving was very high due the severe floods. However, they did a great part in helping people out.

Giveaway – Feeding the homeless

Giveaway – Feeding the homeless

They contacted 10 different corporations asking for help.

For their efforts, McDonald’s gave them ₹10 lakh worth of coupons.

They distributed these coupons to kids and volunteers in the flood relief.

They collaborated with BigBasket and ran a crowdfunding campaign for the people.

They raised ₹22 lakh worth groceries in just seven days.

They have managed to help many people during that time.

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