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New government policy for print media ads

New government policy for print media ads

A new policy has been formed by the government to regulate print media. The information and broadcasting ministry of the government framed the new print media advertisement policy. They introduced a new marking system which gives incentives to newspapers which have better professional standing compared to others. The newspapers also get incentives if they get their circulation verified.

The information and broadcasting ministry launched this new policy with the aim of promoting transparency and accountability in the issuing of ads. The ministry released a statement to announce this new policy.

According to the statement, the ministry said that such a move has never been taken. This new policy will introduce a never before seen marking system. It works as a positive reinforcement for newspapers by giving them incentives when they are transparent and professional. Newspapers can get their circulation verified by Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) to get incentives. They can also get circulation verified by the Registrar of Newspapers for India (RNI).

The new policy benefits newspaper companies while also increasing transparency in the print media sector. The statement said that this marking system was launched based on six objective criteria. The ministry said that Advertisements shall be released by DAVP to newspapers based on marks obtained by the publication.

The new policy framework ensure that circulation is verified for empanelment of newspapers and journals with DAVP. They will receive certification from either RNI or ABC. The certification is given if circulation exceeds 45,000 copies per publishing day. If there is circulation up to 45,000 copies per publishing day certificate from cost or chartered accountant, statutory auditor certificate or ABC is mandated.

According to the policy, RNI circulation certificate is valid for a period of two years from the date of issue. The DG DAVP will have the right to have figures of circulation checked through RNI or its representative.

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