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Lies spread by media in November

Lies spread by media in November

One of the main purposes of media is to bring real facts about all incidents and to educate the audience or readers. Audience or readers believe the information that is brought by media even though it is the opinion of writers or journalists. Sometimes, wrong statements or messages are conveyed by media. This is either by mistake or on purpose. Here is a list of the top lies spread by media in the month of November.

BJP, RSS to celebrate Godse’s death anniversary

The news report was published on The Hindu on November 10, 2015. In fact, BJP and RSS slammed Hindu Mahasabha for observing the death anniversary of Godse.

Amit Shah says politicians should retire at 60

Many Media houses published this news on November 15, 2015. This news out broke several comments as PM Modi himself is above 60 years old. To end with, it was clarified by Amit Shah by releasing a video stating that it was not his opinion but referred to as an example by Nanaji Deshmukh, an RSS leader.

APJ Abdul Kalam’s grandnephew Sheikh Saleem quits BJP 

Many Media houses reported it on November 23, 2015. The actual fact is that Dr Kalam has two great grandnephews and both of them were in BJP. Syed Ibrahim is the first one who joined in BJP in 2012 and he has now quit. The other one, Sheikh Saleem is still with BJP. The news was actually spread by CNN-IBN who had mix up between the two.

Government clears Indo-Pak Series

This news was spread by all Media houses on November 26, 2015. On November 24, media reported that the Pakistani Government had given the green signal to Indo-Pak series. Even though the Government of India has not taken any decision on this, media spread this lie which outraged many citizens on the anniversary of Mumbai terror attacks. After a long debate which went on for the entire day on social media, an Official Spokesperson of Ministry of External Affairs clarified on Twitter stating that no decision has been taken on the series.

Maharashtra to ban liquor

This news was spread by India Today and Times Now on their Twitter accounts on November 27, 2015. Without a source, they posted these tweets. The government and revenue minister of Maharashtra stated that there was no such proposal to consider.

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